The Cult of the Dark Flame Master

Welcome to the Cult of the Dark Flame Master! This is a website where I document my attempts to create science-fiction style gadgets with my limited electronics skills.

What this site is:

This is a site where I catalogue my little projects and give my(100% biased) thoughts on anime I have watched. I have written this in HTML4 because it is what I am more familiar with(I learned this in school when HTML5 was the new and shiny thing).

What this site isn't:

This isn't a tutorial site. There are several out there far better than mine could ever be. This is just a personal page(think of it as a social media profile or blog, only more fun). As such, none of what I write is intended to be followed. I make mistakes and ignore best practices all the time, so I'm not the best person to look to for advice.
I'm also a noob.


  1. Raspberry Pi FTP server
  2. Arduino Uno dumb terminal(in progress)

Weeb stuff:

Anime Reviews